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The "Galaxy Brand" has been around since 2000 in different forms and under different management (we were originally Galaxy RPV)! Though the FAA slowed our development severly by artificially closing the airspace in 2007, we are determined to continue offering quality UAS products and services.

BRAND NEW!!! Now offering Hexacopter Services in addition to "copter" (quad, hexa, octo, WHATEVER) support and training!!!

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Galaxy Blimps is a full-service blimp company. We design, manufacture, consult, train and provide support for both indoor and outdoor remote controlled blimps from 8’ to 50’. Our patented designs offer outstanding performance and value.

NOTICE: Until the FAA determines regulatory policy regarding UAS platforms in the NAS all outdoor "leasing" services have been suspended indefinetely.
However all manufacturing/support/training services for blimp purchases for use at your own discretion remain available for prospective product purchasers

For larger unmanned airship inquiries, please visit our sister corp,

Expect a new website launch for our newest venture
"The Drone Works", for the do it yourself drone enthusiast just wanting help and assistance!!!

Flying Billboard - Blimp Advertising
Blimps are wonderful ways to advertise. Everyone will
look to see your message -- Day or Night. You can buy your own blimp from Galaxy or lease advertising on one of our blimps. Sporting events, both indoor and outdoor, or any large gathering is a prime opportunity to take advantage of blimp advertising.


We sell and service all

Blimps provide excellent ROI. Consumer advertising, brand awareness is best done with a moving blimp.
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