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Outdoor Blimp

All Galaxy Blimps outdoor blimps can be fitted with the following accessories:

Ground Station
A mobile and centralized means of maintaining and mooring the blimp. Includes a refuel tank, electronic refuel pump (with battery), battery chargers, tool and replacement parts storage, and a four-point tie down system (useful in winds up to 15 mph).

Ground stations for the larger blimp models will be configured as mooring towers, which secures the blimp by the nose and permits the blimp to 'weathervane' around a position, rather than restricting all movement.

Dropper System
Send tickets or other promotional items down from the sky to the audience! Watch the movie to see it in action.

Data Uplink System
Some of the greatest concerns while piloting a remote control blimp are battery usage and fuel consumption. Our data uplink system provides critical information during flight that will reduce the likelihood of losing flight control due to battery consumption and fuel exhaustion.

The system transmits airspeed, altitude, voltage, and fuel usage to the ground via two omni directional antennae, one on the gondola and the other on the ground, with a range of approximately one mile.

The system comes with preformatted software and includes a laptop prepared to execute that software. The system will give warning flags for low voltage, low fuel, altitude limits, and distance limits.

Generator System
The generator will eliminate the need to carry multiple batteries for the radio, lights, camera system, and any other electrical accessory. Ordinarily, the blimp is delivered with one set of flight batteries (2) and one starter battery with chargers for each.

In addition, the client would not have to charge several packs at different voltages requiring different types of chargers. If the client plans to fly all day, he or she must invest in several battery sets to be replaced every other flight (every 30 to 45 minutes).

This introduces downtime between flights, and opens the possibility for miscalculation due to the constant monitoring of batteries being replaced. With addition of the generator, the client is free to add accessories such as a camera system, illumination for the bag, and navigation lights, among other electrical accessories -- without the requiring the addition of more batteries.  

This has the spillover benefit of reducing weight requirements, in instances where there is the need to support numerous electrical features.

The biggest advantage would be the improvement in flight time, as battery drain will typically limit uptime more than fuel capacity. We expect that a generator would allow flight times to extend from an average of 30 minutes to two hours and beyond.

Autonomous Flight System
GPS-based autopilot enables the user to send the blimp to preset coordinates (or sequences of coordinates) without requiring further intervention.


Internal Lighting
Enables advertisements attached to the blimp's sides to be visible in darkness.

2-axis Gyro-Stabilized Camera Mount
Galaxy Blimps allows for Central attachment of camera a wide variety of camera mounting options. However, camera systems are generally not included, but integration solutions are available upon request.


Additional Fins
As part of the modular design, it is possibl to order spare fins that in most cases are universal to the various orientations.


Additional Basic Propulsion Module
If blimp uptime is critical, having replacement modules on-hand is most time- and cost-efficient.


36 Foot Trailer
The 36 foot trailer is custom built for Galaxy RPV. It can hold the 30 and 35 foot blimps with fins attached. It is light weight for its size, and can be pulled by a 250 size truck.

The trailer allows you to easily transport an inflated blimp to any part of the country without the expense and wear of inflating and deflating the bag. The blimp in this picture is the 35 foot model.

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