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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are there so many different addresses and contact info in various graphics and artwork, and what the heck is Galaxy RPV?!?!
The Galaxy brand has been around since 2000, and was originally known as Galaxy RPV. The primary principle of the original founding partners (also brothers), Tony White and Jason White, was to do anything and everything possible using (what was then known as remote piloted vehicles) remote control aircraft.

The original founding partners learned how to fly remote control aircraft pretty much in the crib, and just wanted to do all they could to pioneer the industry and push drones/RC/UAS/RPV/(insert whatever you want to call them here) platforms into the main stream.

Since that time there has been a good deal of moving, changing of management, and adapting to the stagnation caused by the FAA, and as such locations and contact info has changed (various contact info in older videos and graphics are no longer valid), even more rapidly than the awesome graphics gurus can keep up with!

Just email us from the contact info page!

Though management may have changed the founding principles of the Galaxy Brand remain.

NOTICE: Due to FAA delays in regulation and policy all "leasing" services formerly offered by Galaxy Blimps have been suspended indefinitely until the FAA issues new regulatory policy.

The following FAQ is offered for reference only, until the FAA sets UAS policy and regulation...

2. Do blimp advertisers own the blimps or do they lease them?
Some own them but most lease the airship and the service. Service includes the pilot and crew, insurance, service vehicles and operations management. The only thing the advertiser has to do is determine where they want to fly their blimp.

3. What is the minimum lease time?
Lease times can be as short as a few hours on a single day or on a monthly basis. Longer leases have better cost breaks.

4. How much does an airship program cost?
The cost for leasing the blimp and service will be between $2,000 to $10,000 per month. The exact cost will be determined based on the specific airship and the duration and scope of the program.

5. How do we make the Galaxy Blimp look like OUR blimp?
Banners are most typically used and are fitted to appear as an integral part of the blimp. Decals can be used also to cover the entire airship to meet any image requirement.

6. How often does the airship fly?
In-air flight time for the airship (in a typical lease) is 8 - 64 hours per month. Normal flight time is four hours per day, four days per week. Flexible scheduling allows for flight operations on weekends and holidays to best suit the advertiser's needs.

7. How far can I fly the blimp in one day?
The average flight speed of a blimp is 15 mph, which is an ideal speed for coverage over sporting events, beaches and busy freeways. Flight altitude is 400 to 500 feet above ground level, which allows for viewing from distances of approximately one mile. The blimp can fly ½ mile from the operator. This provides a one mile diameter flight circle.

8. How do those TV tie-in deals work at sporting events?
In exchange for the aerial shots provided from the blimp, the networks offer free mentions and visual shots of the advertiser's blimp during the event. Depending on the event this arrangement usually yields between 30-60 seconds of on-air advertising for the blimp advertiser.

9. How else can I use the blimp to promote my company and its products or services?
Many exciting promotional programs can be developed to maximize exposure for your message. For instance:

(a) Publicity can be generated for your company by using the blimp for tie-ins with radio stations, charitable organizations, community and cultural events;

(b) Images of the blimp can enhance your other advertising media;

(c) Any number of promotional products can be produced as consumer giveaways. These are just a few ideas on how you can get the most out of your airship program. Galaxy Blimps will assist you in developing a complete promotional package to meet your specific requirements.

10. How soon can I start my program?
Contact use at for quotes and possible applications.

11. What are just some of the unique service Galaxy Blimps offers to advertisers and ad agencies?
Consultation on all aspects of airship operations, including:

(a) getting the best available blimp to meet your budget requirements,
(b) preparing your blimp program,
(c) developing your itinerary.

Complete blimp operations and management

A full-range of promotional services

TV liaison

On-site management of promotional programs

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