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16' Indoor Blimp:

Our 16' indoor blimp is designed for both medium and large-size venues such as trade shows, gymnasiums, arenas, concert halls, and other sufficiently large indoor areas. This blimp has a traditional blimp shape with plenty of room for advertising. This blimp is large enough to attract plenty of attention, and provides a great advertising platform.

20' Indoor Blimp:

The 20' blimp is designed for large indoor venues such as arenas. This blimp is large enough to command attention, and provides a great advertising platform. A lightweight camera mount may be utilized on this blimp.

Plenty Of Options:
These blimps are available in PVC, Urethane, and lightweight or regular Rip-Stop Nylon. Several colors and custom paint schemes are also available. These are highly versatile and can be used in several different types of promotions. Get several different colors and have blimp races!

All of our blimps are designed with plenty of power! Ticket droppers, removable banners, and other accessories can be easily mounted to our blimps.

Click on the blimps below to see a sample 6-view custom design diagram.

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