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Indoor Blimp Accessories:

Travel Package
Permits ease of transportation and field maintenance for the blimp. Includes a travel crate, battery chargers, and tools. The crate is large enough to store the included items, as well as the deflated blimp and attachments.  The crate features wheels, a convenient hinged lid, and snap latches to secure the lid during transport.

Battery Backup Set
Improves blimp operations during events by simplifying the charging process. The secondary set allows for alternating battery packs between flights and significantly decreases the risk of undercharging or over-wearing a set. The additional battery sets also increase the frequency of flights, which offers clients more uptime during events.

Prize Dropper
Offers the ability to drop up to 24 coupons, tickets, or other light items over a captivated audience. Prize droppers further enhance the visibility of sponsors, by personalizing their products through special offers, discounts, etc. to individuals while drawing attention to their message on the blimp.

Strobe Lights
Enhances the visibility of the blimp, and permits orientation in low-light settings. When used in conjunction with the prize dropper, it can notify the audience as to when a prize is about to be released, which increases the enthusiasm of the audience.

2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Camera Mount
Offers the ability to record/display the audience and exhibits through a wireless video system, which can be broadcast from the blimp itself. The base camera mount includes a gyro-stabilized mount and blimp interface with wireless remote control; broadcast systems and cameras can be offered separately to meet specific needs.

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