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Outdoor Blimp

Galaxy Blimps has a complete line of Outdoor Remote Control Blimps. We offer sizes ranging from 20' to 50'. We use all of the latest technologies to provide the most outstanding products possible. Our blimps provide high-impact advertising for any event.

We can take a blimp from concept to finish. Our process allows for complete customization, whether it is a small trade show blimp or a large research blimp with autonomous flight capabilities.

Advertising Graphics
We can custom design any graphics or logo which can then be applied using stretchable urethane-based paint that will never chip or peel. The design can be applied directly to the blimp, to banners, or a combination of both. For temporary artwork vinyl can be used on both the blimp and the banners. Custom shapes and designs are also available.

High Performance
With flight systems that outperform any other blimp on the market, our blimps are both safe and exciting. Our blimps can zip around performing fun antics, or cruise slowly over a captivated crowd, or acquire aerial video and photography, or provide a stable research platform and more. Either way they provide an excellent advertising platform that will no doubt catch the eye of those who pass. The gondola and fins are compact and lightweight - allowing for convenient storage and transportation. Ticket droppers and other attachments are also available.

Galaxy Blimps come pre-assembled and are ready to fly. Just charge the batteries, add fuel, fill the bag with helium, and go! (Helium is not included, but can be purchased at any local welding supply company.) Our bags and flight systems are state-of-the-art with a beautiful high quality finish. We provide services to companies all over the world. Clients include such organizations as the Dallas Stars, the Dallas Mavericks, and many others.

Complete Package
All outdoor blimps we produce include a 10-channel custom transmitter, log book, weight boxes, batteries, chargers, and automatic starters -- everything you need to fly the blimp. Our blimps are designed for durability and ease of use. The flight system incorporates quality components featuring computer-machined parts and hands-off starters for both ground and in-flight engine ignition. With a modular design, it is possible to quickly replace some components -- even in the field. The propulsion module includes the engine, shroud, and servo controls, which are completely assembled and have been designed for easy exchange. All of our blimps are designed with enough power and performance ability to navigate almost any situation.

Our accessories allow for a greater range of uses for our systems and offer more control and information to the pilot on the ground. With Data-uplink systems, autonomous flight features, and onboard generators we reduce guesswork and uncertainty, while providing safety and peace of mind to those on the ground.

Our blimps come with a full operations manual.

Galaxy Blimps can also provide on-site, hands on training for any blimp we sell.

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