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Galaxy Blimps' blimps are ideal for surveilance purposes. They are low-cost, reliable ways to see and record any ground activity.

We can fit our blimps with a variety of cameras for both automated and live-controlled video capture. Best of all, you can see what the camera sees -- live -- via a video feed.

Our stock surveillance Blimps range from 30 to 50 feet in length. Our blimps are designed for durability and ease of use. We can custom build a blimp system at any size to accommodate any mission requirements.

With our modular design, it is possible to quickly replace components in the field. The blimps are designed with enough power and performance ability to navigate almost any situation.

Our accessories allow for a greater range of uses for our systems and offer more control and information to the pilot on the ground. With Data-uplink systems, autonomous flight features, and onboard generators we reduce guesswork and uncertainty, while providing safety and peace of mind to those on the ground.

Easy Transportation To Any Location
The 30 and 35 foot surveillance blimps are built to fit inside a custom built trailer. The 36-foot trailer is custom built to transport the blimp inflated with the fins attached. It is lightweight for its size, and can be pulled by a 250-size truck. The trailer allows you to easily transport an inflated blimp to any part of the country without the expense and wear of inflating and deflating the bag. Launch times are greatly reduced, and it is possible to have the blimp on station in less than 15 minutes.

For surveillance applications our blimp can be custom painted to subdue the blimp such that it would be very difficult to be seen from the ground. We also offer a whisper quiet muffler system that cannot be heard above 500 feet altitude.

Tracking Systems
Our 40 and 50 foot blimps can carry FLIR type multi-sensor camera systems with auto tracking and GPS positioning systems. This allows the blimp to track moving targets a report on their exact position.

These blimps can stay aloft for 6 plus hours for extended patrolling time.


  • Day or Night
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Autonomous operation
    through way points
    via GPS
  • Circle Stationary Points
  • Track Ground Movement




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